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MIGHTY VIBRATION - Introspective | Lyrics - 2012

01. intro
Bhagavad Gita As It Is, 2-69

"What is night for all beings is the time of awakening for the self-controlled; and the time of awakening for all beings is night for the introspective sage."

PURPORT: There are two classes of intelligent men. One is intelligent in material activities for sense gratification, and the other is introspective and awake to the cultivation of self-realization. Activities of the introspective sage, or thoughtful man, are night for persons materially absorbed. Materialistic persons remain asleep in such a night due to their ignorance of self-realization. The introspective sage remains alert in the "night" of the materialistic men. The sage feels transcendental pleasure in the gradual advancement of spiritual culture, whereas the man in materialistic activities, being asleep to self-realization, dreams of varieties of sense pleasure, feeling sometimes happy and sometimes distressed in his sleeping condition. The introspective man is always indifferent to materialistic happiness and distress. He goes on with his self-realization activities undisturbed by material reactions.

by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
02. Yes I Know
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

Yes I know, JAH wants me to grow
When the situation is too raw, I know;
Yes I know, He wants me to grow, I say,
this is my boat I have to row, I know x2

So I man don't stress
Any situation comes
I man knows JAH blesses
All my confrontations yes
So I give JAH thanks and praises
For all these experiences

Man no grow material
I man grows 'na spiritual
When man look 'pon physical
I man knows one is mortal
And I give JAH thanks and praises
For all these experiences

Yes I know that Jah loves me
And wants to protect me from degradation
He wants me back home to the spiritual world
Back to Godhead
So out of love He purifies me
To rectify my inclinations
I've got to give up on the lower nature
"Give up lower nature"
Rise to praise Jah

Man no grow material...

Yes I know JAH wants me to grow divine qualities
Yes I know He wants me to grow genuine humility
03. The Way
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

We get high in JAH music
We reach the sky of pure happiness
Yes we glorify JAH thru music
Poetry with good morality
We need no wordily intoxications
All we need is JAH for meditation
Talk about, hear about the Lord
The proper way of lasting satisfaction

We are talking of Human perfection
Joy without ending and deceptions
Only in a purified perception Yeah
One can fully taste JAH Nectar

Degrade not your senses
Feed them properly, feed them cleanly
Give them higher taste, higher knowledge
Stay high forever enjoy the Most High's flavor

His Holiness Devamrita Swami:
Speaks from Srimad Bhagavatam 7.13.27
sukham asyātmano rūpaḿ sarvehoparatis tanuḥ (*1)
manaḥ-saḿsparśajān dṛṣṭvā bhogān svapsyāmi saḿviśan (*2)

(*1) The actual form of life for the living entities is one of spiritual happiness, which is real happiness. This happiness can be achieved only when one stops all materialistic activities.

Psalm 105:1-5
"O give thanks unto the LORD; Call upon his name: make known his deeds among the people.
Sing unto him, sing psalms unto him: talk ye of all his wondrous works. Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the LORD.
Seek the LORD, and his strength: seek his face evermore. Remember his marvelous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgments of his mouth;" - Call upon His name; seek His form and fame. Cause Otherwise your life is vain

(*2) Material sense enjoyment is simply imagination. Therefore, considering this subject matter, I have ceased from all material activities and am lying down here.
04. H. I. M. Says
Words by - His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I

"Discipline of the mind is a basic ingredient of genuine morality and therefore spiritual strength. Indeed, a university, taken in all its aspects, is essentially a spiritual enterprise which, along with the knowledge and training it imparts, leads students into more wise living and a greater sensitivity to life's responsibilities."
05. Be a better person
Music by - Texito Langa lyrics by - T. Langa & B. Narasimha Swami

If you want a better world
Be a better person
Have control over your mind
Be the master of your senses x4

I sing, You might not have the power to change the world,
but you hold great power to change yourself for a better world.
Just give up all those desires that keep you from reach higher levels of consciousness,
give it up to the Supreme will,
Yes, surrender to JAH

chorus x4

Listen carefully
(Words by His Holiness Narasimha Swami)
The root cause of disturbance Is the uncontrolled mind.
Yet, no modern school or university Teaches how to control the mind.
On the contrary, billions of dollars are spent yearly on advertisements to tantalize the mind,
thus creating endless hankering that disturbs even peaceful man.

chorus x4
06. Don't waste your time
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

Don't waste your time
I'm not going to waste mine
This human form is sublime
Make sure you don't live your life in vain x2

You have obtained now full consciousness
In this rare form of life you strived for,
Don't waste it toiling fruitlessly, just like the Asses,
working hard just to gratify the senses

now is the time to enquire about Jah,
time to revive our relationship with HIM
so, be you a householder or in renounced order
just fill your lips with the Holy names of God

And - Chorus x2

Yes, This life is so precious and yet so fragile
This life is short but worth the sacrifice
Not to be wasted in animal activities
eating, sleeping, mating,
defending and in fantasies

Got to be engaged in Devotional activities
to The Lord and make your life perfect
Chanting the Holy Names of God Constantly
Fill your lips with the names of Hari
07. It's all about Love
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

It's all about love,
But what is love all about? x2

Love is all about service
Love is all about sacrifice
Love is selfless. it's all about thee and less me
Love is perfect when surrendered to God
Love is action, it's more than a mere sentiment

Sow your love, grow your love
in Jah's field, I say
Abandon lust and Show your love
for one and all Jah living entities x2

Love has nothing to take,
but everything to give.
"Unconditional Service"
Nothing to gain, and nothing to loose
it is the prime essence of the living entities
it's part of you and it's never apart from you

Chorus x2

Cause it's all about love
and that's what love is all about x2

You only have to - Chorus...
08. We don't belong here
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

I don't belong here
You don't belong here
We don't belong here
Something is wrong here x2

This is a prison house
and not a Mickey Mouse situation
This world is for spiritual rehabilitation
This world is for penances and meditation
and not just for sensual gratification

This world was designed to bring you frustrations
This world is equipped with so many afflictions
This world is a mystical manifestation
Of Gods illusory energy

Chorus x2

Yes we are imprisoned in this illusory energy
Living in a false reality
Right in the wrong side of eternity
Driven by our false identity

It's time to wake up and face reality
give up this false identity
only the names of Lord Hari
can set you free

09. Reactions
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

There will be reactions
Responding to your actions
They may be good or bad
According to your actions x2

so you better watch what you do
watch what you say
watch what you let through
watch the thoughts that you sustain
It will always come back to you
do unto others as you would have them do to you

Chorus 2:
watch what you do, watch what you say
watch what you let through
watch the choices that you make
Are they worth the price you'll have to pay?
will it bring forth the bliss that you're looking for?

so you better watch what you do
watch what you say
watch what you let through
watch the thoughts that you sustain
It will always come back to you
as you do to others shall be done unto yourself
Chorus 2
10. Work for JAH
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

i don't have to work for no wicked man
i don't have to work for their corruption
i man a work for the Living I
i a man a work for liberation x2

i work to JAH and all needs are being taken care of,
we all have a share which is always enough,
give up lust, greed and all that stuff and work to JAH,
all your needs will be taken care of,
cause the Lord is fair and you don't have to fuss,
don't have to take more than your actual need

chorus x2

don't have to loose your cool
don't have to loose control
just act as JAH tool
and never sell your soul

perform your duties equipoised,
giving up all attachment to success or failure.
Just leave the outcome at the Lord's feet
and be ready to accept it as He wishes
Remain grateful throughout all changes
JAH knows best what is good for I and all

11. What exactly is your problem?
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

you only talk about problems, problems
So what about solutions them?
you're always seeking for someone to blame
(1x) cause you don't know how to solve your own problems
(2x) cause you don't know what exactly is your problem

what exactly is your problems? x4

All you do is just Complain
shooting everyone the blame
until you realize that this is your problem
everything will remain the same

stand up and be the change you want to see
wake up, your happiness mustn't depend on me x2
oh no, and in no one else
Can't rely on others to make us happy, oh no
cause, only your service atittude, towards Jah
Can bring you joy in magnitude, uo ya
You've got to use your aptitude to serve Jah
and not to serve your lower nature

cause that's exactly your problem x4

you want to serve your lower nature
instead of serving Jah your Higher nature x2
12. Hot iron
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

Be careful with that,
with how you believe,
I also believe in Love and forgiveness,
But not as a sedative, but as strength
That protects me and shows me how to live.

Yes I'm a peaceful man,
still I'm a Lion
My Destructive forces are in defence of Zion
Real, I'll be like iron.
So, don't mess with my Queen oh no,
don't mess with JAH Kingdom yeah,
Or I'm gonna be like iron,
In defense of Mount Zion.
Say, don't mess with my Queen oh no,
don't mess with JAH Kingdom yeah,
Cause I'm gonna be hot iron,
In defense of Mount Zion.
13. Can't get it
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

When you want it and you can't get it
You hustle but still can't get it
It is because you are not ready for it,
Jah Knows, my brother you're not ready for it
x2 my sister you're not ready for it

Some times what you want is not what you need,
Jah gives you what you need
and not what you want,
cause you may not be ready for it,
Jah knows that you are not ready for it

14. Reflections

Music by - Texito Langa

Just an intro for "Yes we sing"

15. Yes we sing
Music and lyrics by - Texito Langa

Yes we sing poverty,
No more hidden reality
Because poverty has no reason to be
Poverty is a wicked man incision

There is enough for all and everyone,
Mother earth supplies enough for all of us,
go and ask in the animal kingdom about poverty,
and you will see that poverty has no reason to be,
Poverty is a wicked man incision,
a wicked plan to gain control over JAH people yeah,
and make us slaves for their economy.
We never knew about poverty until the day money became paper
and controlled by the bankers who control the governments

with propaganda and television they control you
they bring division and confusion just to rule you
manipulating information they mislead you
they still all food and bring us poison and say
"we feed you" x2

Yeah, yeah, yeah - Poverty is a demon
Yo, yo, yo, oh - and so Jah people bemoan x2

Chorus x2
16. There is no end
Music by - Texito Langa lyrics by - T. Langa & B. Gita

Death is not the end, wake up my friend,
wake up my friend, there is no end,
wake up my friend, wake up my friend,
There is no end.

There is no end for the self,
for the soul there is neither birth or death at any time.
He has not come into being,
does not come into being,
and will not come into being.
He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval.
He is not slain when the body is slain. O No.

There is no end dear friend you are not this sand,
you are not the dust to which you have descended,
you have not come into being,
you do not come into being,
and will not come into being.
You are unborn, eternal, ever-existing and primeval.
You are not slain when the body is slain. O No.


BG 2.13: As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change. BG 2.22: As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones.

© & ℗ 2012, Ancient Root Lab Productions.

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