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freedom is not inconsequential

When people speaks of freedom there's one thing they forget about, and that is, you're free to be either foolish or wise.

Freedom simply means the liberty of choice and that doesn't mean that any choice is the best choice, and you know this from its results or consequences.

You're free to be either foolish or wise, you're free to listen and accept advice or to neglect it...

Just to say that it is not freedom itself that makes things right, but the right choice or a proper use of ones freedom.

Using it for selfish purposes is abusing it. Abuse is a misuse of it, misuse is foolish use...

Am I making sense?

Don't just say "I'm free, I do whatever I want", though you're right about it, but remember what kind of free you are choosing to be, the foolish or the wise. Though you're also free not to remember, however, the wise are also free to remember and do whatever they want with it.

So, be careful with the false freedom propaganda. Though you are free not to be careful, but then be ready for the consequences...

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