Mighty Vibration is a Spiritual conscious reggae music project, initiated in Maputo, Mozambique, by drummer, producer, composer and vocalist Texito Langa. It was mid-nineties, and Texito, was growing and going thru a process of sefl-realization, and became aware of the urgent need to spread messages of spiritual domain at home and abroad, aiming at rescuing and revitalising the seemingly lost human values in a personal and interpersonal scope to invoke the healing of our current human society through the ​medium of sound vibration.

Songs like “Be a better Person, “Reactions“, from His debut album introspective, urge personal growth and awareness of our individual ​responsibility to achieve our common goal of general and interpersonal well-being, just as songs like “Don’t waste your time“, “We don’t belong here“, also from introspective, work as reminders ​of the temporary nature of our lives in this world and call for the awakening of our original identity as spiritual beings having a temporary human experience.

His performances are engaging, educating, highly vibrating and quite humourus, very motivational and insightful, backed by the following players of instruments:
Ras Mundau (Bass), Jojo Zita (Keys) and Dito (Guitar).

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